The Mays Group: Summer 2015


Chase Klingaman

Hometown: Mitchell, SD
Major(s): ACS Biochemistry

Leaving behind the bustling metropolis that is the Corn Palace city, Chase will be a sophomore, ACS Biochemistry & Modern Foreign Language major this coming fall at Augustana College. In his free time, Chase enjoys disc golfing, fishing, watching the New England Patriots, traveling, wrestling random people, and hanging out with friends or family. Although he is a washed out high school athlete, he does still enjoy playing intramural sports at Augustana as well. Following college, he would currently like to attend medical school. Chase's research project for the summer of 2015 is mainly focused on assessing the hydrolysis kinetics of 2,2-diphenylethyl glucosinolate.


Matthew Wagner

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Major(s): ACS Biochemistry

Traveling great distances across Sioux Falls, SD, to Augustana College, Matt will be majoring in Biochemistry as a sophomore this 2015 fall semester. He is very busy on campus through his responsibilities as a football player, Pre-Med club vice president, and many more. Matt enjoys spending time hanging out with friends and occasionally watching the next hit series on Netflix. He hopes to attend medical school after his time at Augustana, so that he can pursue a career in sports medicine. Matt’s research for the 2015 summer focused on the evaluation of myrosinase-catalyzed hydrolysis of 2,2-diphenylethyl glucosinolate using the HPLC assay developed in the Mays Group.