Civitas 202A: Pertinence (Interim 2018)

Topic: Taking Our Medicine?: Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Course Description: The pharmaceutical industry is uniquely positioned at the interface of improving the quality of human life and the capacity for significant financial gain. This course will seek to unravel this apparent dichotomy by exploring the history, process, and ethics of pharmaceutical drug development, the factors which impact pharmaceutical marketing and pricing, and the role of physicians and pharmacists in the use (and abuse) of medications.

Course Objectives:
1. Display knowledge of the development of drugs throughout history
2. Describe the stages in the drug development process
3. Explain connections between pharmaceutical intellectual property and patent law
4. Evaluate the relationship between drug pricing, marketing, and the drug life cycle
5. Understand the roles of the physician and the prescription in the regulation of drugs
6. Analyze the ethics and context of drug use and misuse

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes
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