General Education 492D: Senior Capstone (Interim 2014)

Topic: Harry Potter: Exploring Ethical Themes in Light of Contemporary Issues

Course Description: The Harry potter series is a popular cultural phenomenon and contemporary morality play that engages in question of moral meaning and value and offers wisdom for understanding and living in the world around us. This course will address how the tale of Harry Potter contributes to our modern perspectives on moral life. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to read the seven-book Harry Potter series and relevant short excerpts from scholarly sources.

Course Objectives:
1. Students will engage multiple questions and themes of moral norms, values, and character that emerge from the Harry Potter story, supplementary academic resources, and life experience.
2. Students will wrestle with various ethical responses to questions of “how then ought we live” in relation to various moral themes that emerge from the Harry Potter narrative.
3. Students will have the opportunity to explore philosophical, social, theological, political, chemical, and biological dimensions of the Harry Potter story in relation to its moral dimensions.
4. Students will apply complex life lessons of morality and ethics acquired throughout the course to contemporary life.

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes
**As lecture presentations contain copyrighted material from the textbook, access to these items is restricted to Augustana students enrolled in the course. Students can access these items through Moodle. An Augustana login and the course access code (obtained from Dr. Mays or Dr. Jungling) is required.