Chemistry 305: Biochemistry (Fall 2017)

Course Description: This is a one-semester, foundational course in biochemistry intended for chemistry and biochemistry majors.  Lecture topics covered in this course fall into three general areas: (1) structure, function, and reactivity of biological macromolecules, (2) cellular metabolism and metabolic cycles, and (3) the central dogma of molecular biology.  Laboratory is intended to expose students to a variety of biochemical techniques and applications. 

Course Objectives:
1. Display knowledge of the structure, properties, and functions of cellular macromolecules
2. Understand the structure-function relationships for proteins, enzymes, and cofactors
3. Identify the key principles which govern bioenergetics and metabolism
4. Explain the individual and interconnected nature of the principle metabolic pathways
5. Describe the facets of the central dogma of molecular biology and its applications
6. Demonstrate proficiency in the theory and execution of biochemical laboratory techniques
7. Effectively demonstrate scientific writing (lab documentation, manuscripts, review articles)

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes
**As lecture presentations contain copyrighted material from the textbook, access to these items is restricted to Augustana students enrolled in the course. Students can access these items through Moodle. An Augustana login and the course access code (obtained from Dr. Mays) is required.