Chemistry 145: Survey of Organic and Biochemistry (Spring 2013)

Course Description: This survey course continues to develop key general chemistry topics, including chemical equilibrium and acidity, through an exploration of the fundamentals of organic chemistry (nomenclature, functional groups, reactions) and an introduction to biochemistry (amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes, nucleic acids and the metabolic cycles).

Course Objectives:
1. Identify organic functional groups, their physical property trends, and their relevant chemical reactions 2. Provide systematic names for organic molecules
3. Apply the concepts of isomerism, stereochemistry, and acid-base chemistry to organic molecules
4. Identify the four major classes of biological macromolecules and their relevant chemistry
5. Describe cellular processes of DNA replication and energy production
6. Understand essential eukaryotic metabolic pathways and their impact on human health
7. Perform laboratory experiments with organic molecules and biomolecules

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes
**As lecture presentations contain copyrighted material from the textbook, access to these items is restricted to Augustana students enrolled in the course. Students can access these items through Moodle. An Augustana login and the course access code (obtained from Dr. Mays) is required.