Chemistry 120: Introduction to Chemistry (Fall 2012)

Course Description: This is a course designed for science majors that includes topics within the sub-discipline typically classified as “general chemistry.” Through this course, students should gain an increased understanding and appreciation for the scientific concepts that describe the interactions taking place in the world around us. Together, we will focus on applying experimental methods and developing problem solving skills to increase a student’s foundation within the field of chemistry.

Course Objectives:
1. Master topics in atomic and molecular composition
2. Write chemical formulas and equations with correct stoichiometry
3. Describe periodic trends and the relationship between atomic structure and reactivity
4. Use chemical bonding theories to understand molecule formation
5. Apply a working knowledge of thermodynamics and the properties of the 3 phases of matter
6. Employ concepts in chemical kinetics and equilibrium
7. Understand aqueous chemistry and acid-base equilibria

Online Documents
Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes and Resources
**As lecture presentations contain copyrighted material from the textbook, access to these items is restricted to Augustana students enrolled in the course. Students can access these items through Moodle. An Augustana login and the course access code (obtained from Dr. Mays) is required.