Dr. Eichler's Reference Letter Instructions

If you are requesting a reference letter, here are a few things that I require before I write them and send them off.

1.      Deadlines: I need to know when they are due. As a courtesy to me, please ask me 5 business days before you need it. For example, if you need it for February 15th, please ask me by February 10th. You can ask me after that, but don't expect me to have it done for you on time.


2.      Information about the person or institution receiving your letter: Please give me the full mail or email address of the receiving party.


3.      Information about you: Hopefully I know a little about you, but it helps me write a better letter if you have a curriculum vitae or résumé that I can refer to as I write.


4.      Multiple reference letters: If you have more than 2 reference letters for me to do (especially for graduate schools), please email me a list with the schools, deadlines and addresses. Most graduate schools have on-line requests, but it would still help me if I knew which schools you are applying to.


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